Aims and scope

ETP/ TPE is the Journal of the european society for therapeutic patient education (SETE)

This international peer-reviewed journal (in French and English) promotes the development of research and practices in the field of therapeutic patient education:

  • publishing original quantitative and qualitative research,
  • helping multi professional teams to share evaluated experiences, methodologies, innovations,
  • stimulating critical thinking and informed debate about all aspects of therapeutic patient education,
  • promoting multidisciplinary approaches involving medicine, health sciences and humanities
  • is one of the few international journals specifically dedicated to patient education as an interdisciplinary field
Since its launch, ten years ago, ETP/ TPE has established as a unique scientific journal for the French speaking countries in the field of patient education. The journal accepts submissions of original scientific articles, reviews of literature, methodological studies, case reports and comments. The Editorial Board encourages ethical publication practices. The journal publishes articles reporting studies which have been carried out respecting the highest standards in medical and scientific publication and academic honesty. Editors, reviewers and authors are invited to consult the Ethical Publication Committee (COPE) for all aspects of ethical publication (